Now offering fuel rewards to get to help you get to
all the destinations of everyday life.

Fuel Rewards Are Now Available at Shopette Stores & Entities!


Fuel Circle
We have now teamed up with Fuel Circle and you are able to earn fuel rewards on select purchases of $10 and up when you shop at SMN Shopette participating shops and boutiques. Use your FuelCircle Reward Card at the most trusted gasoline branded locations.

Don't have a FuelCircle account? Registration is free! Click above to register and begin earning dollars off fuel.

How to know if your purchase is fuel reward eligible?

Look for the Blue Fuel Reward Tag or look for the notice. If an item is eligible you will see the Blue Fuel Reward Tag on the eligible item. In addition there will be a notice in the item description that will state whether it is Fuel Reward Eligible.

How to know how many fuel reward points an item is worth?

In the item description just below the fuel reward eligibility you will see how many points the item is worth.

How are points disbursed?

Points are disbursed via email certificates or can be direct deposited into your fuel reward account. You must sign up for a fuel rewards account to receive fuel reward points.

Participating shops to offer fuel rewards:

•Valid Boutique Locations
•Ms Maries Coffee Blend